Amazon has launched it Cloud Player in the UK allowing users to store and access music in the cloud.

The new service let Amazon customers keep their music library in the cloud as a rival to Apple's iTunes Match. Users can access the Cloud Player from a number of devices including Android, iOS and web browsers on PC or Mac. See also: Audio reviews

Greg Greeley, vice president of retail at Amazon said: "The launch of Cloud Player in the UK means that customers can buy anywhere, play anywhere, and keep all of their music in one place without the need for constant software updates, or drives and cables to move and manage their music."

Any music purchased on Amazon's MP3 store will be automatically added to the Cloud Player on first use. User can also scan their iTunes or Windows Media Player libraries and songs matching Amazon's 20 million track library will be added to the Cloud Player in 'high-quality' 256Kbps audio.

Cloud Player if free for the first 250 tracks and those wishing to store more music can pay an annual fee of £21.99 for Cloud Player Premium which allows 250,000 tracks.

Apps are available for Android smartphones and tablets and iPhone or iPod Touch. Supported web browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari Mac and Chrome.

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