Amazon has introduced iits much-rumoured 'Kindle' eBook reader.

The paperback-sized device carries a six-inch screen and connects to the internet using US network Sprint's EV-DO network (aka the Whispernet), an always-on connection.

Kindle is capable of storing up to 200 books, which users can buy, download and then read by visiting the Amazon eBook store using the device. 88,000 books will be available on launch at a cost of between $2-£10 per title, the report explains.

Amazon will also be offering subscriptions to digital versions of the New York Times along with subs for other newspapers and magazines. Users will be able to annotate pages, visit the Amazon store and surf the internet, a report claims.

Interviewed by Newsweek, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos claimed Kindle would be the eBook equivalent of the iPod, and described books as "the last bastion of analogue".

The device uses Flash memory. Capacity can be expanded using a memory card. Battery life is 30 hours and the device costs $399.