Apple's record-setting 2007 third quarter was driven by strong Mac sales, the company indicated last night. Apple shipped 1,764,000 Macs, 33 per cent more than it sold in the same quarter last year. That's 150,000 more Macs than it has ever sold in a quarter before - and 2.5 times IDC's industry growth rate average.

Mac market share is clearly in resurgence with portable Macs the most vital part of Apple's product matrix.

The company sold 1,130,000 laptops. Sales of Apple's MacBooks and MacBook Pros climbed 27 per cent sequentially and 42 per cent year-on-year to bring $1.577 million in revenue into the company coffers.

Apple's desktop machines also appear to be in slight resurgence, with 634,000 sold generating $956 million in profit.

However, as the graph below illustrates, it's Apple's portabe computers which are driving its marketshare gains, while desktop sales patterns remain relatively static, sequentially and year-on-year.

Desktop/Laptop marketshare. Source: Macworld US

The company's music product categories remain strong, with no sign yet of cannibalization of iPod sales in favour of the iPhone. Apple sold 9,815,000 iPods during the quarter, representing 21 per cent growth over the year-ago quarter.

iPod sales accrued $1,570,000 in revenue for the company, while its iTunes Store sales, iPod services and Apple and third-party iPod accessories business added another $608 million to the company's balance sheet.

Across the regions, the Americas remain Apple's dominant market with revenue of $2,680million and 824,000 Macs sold.

Europe is the second biggest Apple market, the company sold 393,000 Macs and raised $1,160million here.

There's signs of some recovery in Japan. Apple has been working to improve its fortunes in this market and saw Mac sales climb slightly (3 per cent) year-on-year in the territory. Though overall revenue raised through these sales was down, indicating some heavy product promotion in the territory.

Retail remains a strong success story. Apple revealed a 53 per cent increase year-on-year for unit sales through its direct retail channels.