Paddy Power is offering odds of 10/3 that Apple will hit more than $750 per share by the end of this year.

If you want to bet that the share price will land somewhere between $700.01 and $750 the odds are 6/5.

Or, bet that the share price will hit the $650 to $700 mark at odds of 11/8.

The odds of Apple's price slipping to less than $600 are 4/1. [By our calculations, the odds mean that if you placed £1 on the 10/3 odds you would win £3.33, while if you placed £1 on the 6/5 odds, you would win £1.20, and £1 placed on the 11/8 odds would result in a £1.37 win]. 

Apple is currently trading at $634.76, which is an increase of $225.29 or 55.02% since the beginning of the year ($409.47 on 3 January), but down from its all-time high of $705.07 which is hit during the days trading on 21 September, the day the iPhone 5 launched.

The betting shop also offers 15/8 odds on Apple hitting $1000 a share by the end of 2013. If you think it won't make it to $1000 by the end of 2013 the odds are 4/11.

[By our calculations, the odds mean that if you placed £1 on the 15/8 odds you would win £1.85, while if you placed £1 on the 4/11 odds, you would win 36p]

Will Apple hit $700 a share by Christmas?

Wedge Partners senior research analyst Brian Blair told Bloomberg TV he expects Apple shares to top $700 before the end of December. "I think it will be over $700 in the next month and a half," he said. 

Blair also discussed the bad news Apple has faced since the launch of the iPhone 5, focussing on Apple not being able to meet demand for the iPhone, and agreeing that: "Right now a bit of a dark cloud over iPhone sales." However, he believes that the company will have "some nice surprises" when it reveals its fourth quarter results on 25 October. 

He emphasised that "demand is not an issue" and suggests that looking forward to the next quarter sales of the iPhone will soar especially as it has "launched in 30 countries."

As for whether Apple can hit $1,000 in 2013, as we reported recently, Apple share price could hit $1,000 by January 2014, according to one report.

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