Analysts have been predicting how many iPads and iPhones Apple sold last quarter, ahead of next week's earnings call, but they can't seem to agree with each other. Forecasts for iPad sales range from 14.8 million to 23 million units, while the iPhone sales estimates start at 21 million and peak at 32.3 million.

Fortune collected iPad sales estimates from a total of 61 analysts: 31 "Wall Street types" and 30 independent analysts.

The Wall Street analysts' average prediction is about 17.6 million iPads, while the independent analysts estimated a higher sales figure of 19.23 million.

The average estimate across all 61 analysts is that Apple sold 18.38 million iPads during the last quarter.

As for the iPhone, 60 analysts (30 Wall Street and 30 independent) gave Fortune their sales estimates, resulting in an average estimate of 26.4 million units of the smartphone.

The lowest estimate was from an independent analyst, who predicts Apple will announce 21 million iPhone sales for last quarter, while the top estimate of 32.30 also comes from an independent analyst.

The iPhone 5 alone sold 5 million units within the first weekend of its launch, however, supply shortages of the new device could be the cause of some of the estimates at the lower end of the spectrum.

Apple will be announcing its fourth quarter financial results on 25 October, after its 23 October special event which is expected to see the arrival of an iPad mini, new iMacs, and a 13in MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

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