New fixtures in Boston and a number of cities around the world are helping residents get around easier and faster without having to hail a cab or search for parking.

In Boston Hubway bicycles can be rented by the hour and located using the Android app Spotcycle. The free app will show you the 10 closest stations, using your phone's GPS, and how many bikes are available.

It'll also give you a map view of where the stations are. That could be useful if you're renting a bike at one station and planning on returning it to another, which is allowed in Boston.

The app doesn't let you reserve or pay for bikes, you'll need to do that at the station.

In addition to Boston the app also services London, Melbourne, Minneapolis, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Washington DC.

In select cities it also shows bike paths in the map view. Unfortunately, the app is not yet available for iOS devices.