Apple is using AirPlay as its secret weapon against Google to entice Android users towards iPads and iPhones, a new report suggests. reports that the growing number of Apple AirPlay compatible speakers has led to an increase in searches for the terms “AirPlay Android” and “Android Airplay,” as more and more smartphone owners want to stream audio and video wirelessly to their home entertainment devices.

Apple, however, insists that manufacturers must work directly with Apple in order to implement AirPlay in their products. suggests that Google needs to come up with an open-sourced AirPlay-style offering of its own before its customers switch to iOS in order to satisfy their needs.

“In the same way Windows users “switched” to Apple after tasting the forbidden fruit that was the iPod, Android users who get their first taste of Apple via AirPlay could be similarly tempted,” says, indicating that the feature may convince Android users to switch to and iPhone for their next smartphone or and iPad for their next tablet.

The report highlights that there are several Android apps available that allow users to stream music to Apple’s AirPlay devices, indicating that AirPlay could become the standard for wireless audio and video in the home.

It is expected that Apple will take AirPlay even further with its rumoured smart TV, which could make an appearance this year.