Electronic Arts has bought iPhone and iPad game publisher Chillingo, but it turns out that Chillingo's most famous game, Angry Birds, is not included in the deal.

Rovio Mobile, the makers of Angry Birds, have spoken out, claiming that its game has not been sold to EA.

Rovio claims it has retained full control of the rights to Angry Birds.

Rovio's Peter Vesterbacka told Techcrunch: "We only did the first iPad/iPhone integration with Chillingo and aside from that we've published everything ourselves. We will not use Chillingo again."

Rovio Mobile has self-published all their games since their deal with Chillingo, including Angry Birds on the Android, Angry Birds on Nokia.

Angry Birds has sold 6.5 million copies on the App Store. 

Chillingo publishes many games for the iPhone and iPad including new hit 'Cut the Rope'.