Apple will be forced to disclose confidential board meeting minutes and records related to its stock options accounting practises, a report claims.

Angry Apple investor the Boston Retirement Board has taken to the courts to force Apple management to reveal its document trail.

California Superior Court judge Jack Komar is expected to order Apple to hand over information relating to stock options (and backdated to 1997) when he declares his judgement on Friday.

The judge is enforcing a caveat on the document handover - he insists that any information given will be subject to a protective order that bans it being disclosed to any third party.

Apple may also be able to avoid handing over certain meeting minutes or accounting records if it can prove they are covered by attorney-client or some other privilege, reports the Mercury News.

Boston Retirement Board sued Apple for the documents last year because it wants to assess what involvement Apple's board of directors had in the stock options accounting fiasco that has dogged the company for the last year.

Apple will have a week to hand over the information.