"App: The Human Story" is a documentary about the people who make and use software. It's funding on Kickstarter through the month of July, and as of this writing is slightly more than halfway to its goal.

The filmmakers behind "App: The Human Story" were in San Francisco during WWDC, Apple's annual developer conference, and interviewed many industry figures while they were here. (Disclosure: They interviewed me, and I'm briefly in the film's trailer.) Among the faces you'll see in the trailer are John Gruber of Daring Fireball, Jessie Char of Pacific Helm, Adam Lisagor of Lonely Sandwich, and Craig Hockenberry of The Iconfactory.

Beyond access to the final film, the Kickstarter campaign offers additional funding levels where backers can gain access to unedited interview footage from the film's subjects. (Including me, I suppose.)

The filmmakers are still gathering interviews and the final film won't be out until late 2015, but this is a great opportunity to help support an interesting project that's focused on a bunch of very interesting people in the Apple community. If you're interested in backing, click here.