It's been a week in the spotlight for Apple's iOS App Store as Friday saw the store go down all over the world in the UK, US, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia and Kuwait. Some people found that all it took for them to gain access back to the store was just to log out of their iTunes account on their mobile and then log back in again, but others couldn't get onto the store for hours and some are still having difficulties getting onto iTunes, according to one website.

Frustrated iOS users couldn't get anything from the App Store except "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" notifications along with "iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable".

Beginning when the issues started on Friday, many customers took to Twitter, to voice their dissatisfaction, and to see if the issue was universal rather than a malfunction only they were facing, many sent tweets reporting the status in their country two examples of this being: '@paulofcardoso: Can't connect to the App Store (UK) and @Pino54b: Can't connect to App Store Belgium.

No developers reported any scheduled maintenance for the iOS App Store, and the Mac App Store remained unaffected.

The other reason the App Store has been in the news is the recent hack that has allowed people to download in-app purchases for free. It is thought that Apple may have shut down the App Store temporarily so that this issue could be resolved, but only Apple knows for sure.

Apple is trying to resolve this issue as app developers are missing out and in the meantime has provided some guidelines to help developers avoid the hack.

Apple has also said it is working to stop the vulnerability and it will be fixed in iOS 6 which will be available in the autumn.

In the meantime, reports are saying that the hack now works for OS X apps too bought via the Mac App Store.

Although Borodin's servers were taken down by Apple, his hack is still working, according to reports.


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