Apple shares closed at over $100 each last night, maintaining their new value this morning on the early market.

Optimism seems driven by Apple's plan to launch its iPhone this month, and could also have been boosted by revelations of the company's keen-to-be-green promise.

All consumer electronics manufacturers are facing renewed pressure to deliver environmental products, as governments across the planet begin to push through planet-protecting policies in response to stark warnings on climate change.

Trading on Apple stock is bullish, as the iPhone gold rush continues. Investors are considering recent reports which indicate visibility and demand for the device in the US market will be strong.

AT&T recently revealed that one million people have already signed-up to be informed when the device ships. A recent report said Apple may even take a substantial chunk of the phone market within one year of the product's release.

Investors are also considering the October release of Mac OS X 10.5 and Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

After weeks of little in the way of product releases, Apple continues to enjoy strong sales, indicating that any new devices that do ship will benefit from high interest and pent-up demand.

Adobe's recent release of Creative Suite 3 is also anticipated to stimulate demand from within Apple's professional market.

"Investors have come to the realization that Apple is much, much more than an iPod company," said ThinkEquity analyst, Jonathan Hoopes.