One way to look back at 2010 is to observe the stories that gained the most page impressions on the Macworld UK website. Gathered together they certainly tell a tale, while there are some surprising inclusions, it does give some indication as to what information people were seeking in the year that bought us the iPad, iPhone 4, and iOS 4.0.

Over the next few days we will examine the top 20 stories, be sure to come back tomorrow to find out what else had us clicking this year. You can read Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's installments herehere and here

16. Apple EU stores closed iPad UK price and pre orders today

This is an odd one. The 16th most popular story was published on 12 March 2010 when the Apple Store ( went down in the UK, Europe, and the US.

When Apple takes its online store offline this normally precludes some exciting announcements, and we wait patiently to find out what they are, while offering some speculation as to what we think it might be. In the case of the 12 March online store hiatus we made the prediction that Apple would start allowing pre orders of the iPad, perhaps also revealing the UK price for the device.

It's quite depressing to note that on this occasion when the Apple Store came back online there were no noticeable changes and certainly no Apple UK iPad pricing. The US store was, however, updated with pre-ordering ability for the iPad, begging the question: "Why did Apple have to take all its stores offline to make a US specific change".

17. What we know about the UK Apple TV

Apple held another special event on 1 September – this time announcing the new line up of iPods. At the same event the company announced the new-look Apple TV. Following the UK announcement we evaluated the Apple TV from a UK perspective.

The problem with the Apple TV has always been lack of content and that the cost was far too high – for the device itself, and the content. With the new, lower-price, was the Apple TV a better deal.

First there was the discrepancy between UK and US pricing: with the device costing $99 in the US, and, um, £99 in the UK. We're not sure which exchange rate Apple was using when it worked that one out. In fact the company obviously noticed the discrepancy, because they included a paragraph in the press release emphasising Apple's usual line pointing out that it costs more to do business in the UK.

Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if you could actually get content for the Apple TV in the UK. In the US there are options for renting TV programmes and films, and a connection to Netflix for subscriber movie downloads. In the UK? Well there are a few films you can rent.

Unfortunately we are still waiting for the UK killer deals for the Apple TV. Still, £99 is a much better price than the previous £223.

18. Apple iPhone iOS 4 software update available today

Our 18th most popular story was the release of the iOS 4 software for the iPhone on 21 June. 19. Guide to buying an iPhone 4 in the UK

iOS 4 promised over 100 new features including multitasking, folders, iBooks, improved Mail, spell checker, wireless keyboard support and the ability to change home screen wallpaper, it changed the lives of our iPhones and made iPad users jealous.

19. Photogallery: iPad Launch Apple Regents Street Store

In 19th place was our coverage of the iPad launch at Apple's Regent Street store. We were there bright and early, although not as early as some of the 300 people who had queued all night.

We also got the chance to talk to Stephen Fry who turned up to collect his own iPad.

Our photo gallery of the event was a popular destination for people wondering what it would have been like to be there.

20. Report: New Apple iLife coming 7 August

It was a red herring, but our 20th most popular story stated that iLife would launch on 7 August. The report, stemming from French site, claimed that the update would include 64-bit compatibility and a "nouvelle application".

Unfortunately the claims were wrong, iLife 11 didn't launch until 20 October and when it did there was certainly no new application.