Here's what Apple got up to in March 2013

Safety regulations in Europe meant that from 1 March 2013 Apple had to stop selling the Mac Pro in Europe. An amendment to a safety regulation meant the pro Mac was incompliant with new EU rules.

iPhone 6 concepts continued to appear, adding to the speculation was an Apple job listing in early March that hinted that Apple was searching for an anodizing engineer to work on the next gen iPhone.

iFixit published its first 'Tablet Reparability' list, ranking several popular tablets in terms of how easy they are to repair, including Apple's iPads, which were ranked near the bottom. With a score of just two, Apple's second-, third-, and fourth-generation iPads, along with the iPad mini, rank at the bottom of the list, with only Microsoft's Surface Pro getting a lower score of one.

Apple was having a few issues with its iCloud servers. All of Apple's Internet services including email, calendar, contacts, photo backup, and iPhone/iPad backup, did not work for a few hours on 1 March. According to reports, 11% of users were affected. That might not sound like much, but it equates to over 25 million people.

Steve Wozniak sent a letter to a student in Korea, beginning: "The best I can remember is that, like myself, most students found by accidental encounters what they enjoyed and wanted to do in life... I came to the conclusion that I would rather be an average person joking all the time than a powerful businessman stressing over work every day."

Ferrari integrated two iPad mini tablets into its new four-seater FF car. These are accessible from the passenger seats and offer Siri integration.

News broke that the Starbucks that Steve Jobs prank called during a keynote presentation in 2007 still receives mock orders for 4,000 lattes to go.

Apple was in court trying to prove that it is not operating a monopoly with the iOS App Store. Apple asked the judge to throw out the case because if said that the fact that there are no other stores peddling iOS apps doesn't mean it has a monopoly.

Citi analyst Glen Yeung suggested that Apple could be working on two new iPad mini models ready for launch later in 2013. He predicted Apple would launch a Retina iPad mini 2 and a non-retina version.


Apple's wasn't having a particularly good month on the stock exchange. The AAPL share price fell back to a 52 week low of $420.05 on 5 March. This was the weakest it had been since January 2012 and a 40 percent drop from its peak of $705.07 in September 2012. It wasn't the lowest point of the year though. Apple's share price fell to $388 on 27 June.

A UK court invalidated three Samsung patents that cover 3G technology in two rulings in cases between Samsung and Apple. Samsung alleged that Apple infringed on the patents with 3G-enabled devices, including the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 3G, according to court documents.

Apple's Phil Schiller made a dig at Android security on Twitter, writing: "Be safe out there" in a tweet linking to F-Secure's latest Mobile Threat Report. The report reveals that 96 new families and variants of Android malware were discovered in the fourth quarter of 2012, almost doubling the number recorded in the previous quarter.


Apple was fighting for the iPhone trademark in Brazil. Gradiente had registered the name iPhone back in 2000, seven years before the iPhone launched in 2007. Apple argued that Gradiente had left it too late to release a product using the trademarked name.

An Apple Store in France was fined for forcing employees to work during the night (as in, after 9pm).

Former retail boss John Browett spoke about why he had left Apple after less than a year, claiming that he "just didn't fit in."

Apple was in trouble for: "Not informing consumers correctly about the legal warranty rights they have," in 21 EU countries. At issue was Apple's stance on warranty rights, and the company was accused of misleading customers and pushing their own paid-for warranty, Apple Care. Under EU consumer law, buyers are automatically entitled to a free minimum two-year warranty.

Apple's annual environmental report highlighted its use of renewable energy. Apple's data centers are now powered entirely by renewable energy sources - specifically, solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal.

Apple reacted to a security exploit with its "reset password" functionality for Apple IDs. Armed with only your email address and date of birth, a hacker could tweak a specific URL to reset the password for your account. Users who had started using Apple's just-launched two-step verification on their accounts weren't vulnerable to this attack. 3436870

Apple met criticism in China for its warranty policy when the local-state controlled press slammed the company for allegedly offering subpar warranty services to Chinese customers. Apple said its warranty policies for the country were roughly the same as those in the US and other regions, and also meet Chinese laws.

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