Apple deals with an iPhone app that could have been used to make fake IDs, possibly gets a raw deal with a patent troll, and deals a blow to developers looking for hints at future iOS devices. 

Scrutiny prompts Apple to pull fake driver's license app from iOS App Store (AppleInsider)

Remember that fake driver's license app that one senator vociferously objected to? Apple acquiesced to the request and removed the app. Thankfully, this will finally put an end to all that underage drinking.

Apple Made A Deal With The Devil (No, Worse: A Patent Troll) (TechCrunch)

TechCrunch's Jason Kincaid alleges that Apple signed over at least a couple of its patents to Digitude Innovations, a patent troll that's been suing folks left, right, and center.

It's unclear exactly why Apple would be willing to do this, but the convoluted story involving a venture capital firm, shell company, and patent negotiations sounds a bit like a Robert Ludlum book. Coming soon: The Digitude Discrepancy.

Apple adds bogus AppleTVs, iPads, iPods and iPhones to another config file, won't deter developers (9to5 Mac)

In an attempt to stymie developers who dig through Apple's betas to find references to unreleased devices, Cupertino has started including a lengthy list of non-existent models. Thanks, guys. Now I have to sit through twenty-five times as many baseless rumors.

Report: Verizon Mulling Netflix Buy (Fox Business)

Might Verizon be in the market for its own video-streaming solution? Rumor has it that Big Red is Red for a potential acquisition. Which it will then spin off into a company that delivers phones to your door by mail. Which it will then re-absorb into its parent company.

Apple Store, Grand Central (Apple)

To celebrate the opening of its new Grand Central store, Apple has posted an image gallery, including a 360-degree panoramic shot. Sure, you could look at it on your MacBook, clicking and panning around with your trackpad, but it's far more fun to use your gyroscope-enabled iOS device and spin around in your swivel chair. It's like you're there. Soon you'll be able to buy products from an Apple Store without even going to the store!

Wait. What?

Beatles on iTunes (Apple)

Whoa. The Beatles are on iTunes? It must have slipped my mind.