Magazine publishers are looking to the iPad to bring in extra revenue, but until now Apple had made it impossible for magazine publishers to control their subscriber’s transactions on the iPad.

Now Time Inc has persuaded Apple to allow it to offer subscribers to People Magazine the chance to download the iPad version of the title for free.

Previously those wishing to buy magazines to read on their iPad had to pay to download a copy, even if they already had a subscription to the magazine. It is therefore no surprise that subscribers paying twice to download an iPad ready version of Time Inc’s Sports Illustrated complained in negative reviews of the app, reports the New York Times

It is hoped that the change means it will be possible for magazine publishers to offer a subscription model for iPad magazine downloads. Previously Apple has maintained complete control of the download, meaning that publishers have no contact with those buying their product.  

People Magazine for iPad

It’s been proven that an iPad version of a magazine can help raise revenue thanks to being an incentive for advertising sales, as was the case with Glamour magazine as reported in our story iPad helps Glamour magazine sales.

Publishers can create their own branded version an app for their magazine using Adobe’s Digital Publishing Solution. Wired Reader for the iPad was created using the Digital Publishing Solution, as reported here.

Quark has also recently announced a similar toolset for QuarkXPress, which uses the still-in-development Blio Reader format.

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