A new global survey from BrandAsset Consulting reveals Google, Microsoft, Sony and Apple to be among Australia's best brands with consumers.

According to Current.com.au, the survey more accurately reflects Australian perceptions, as well as including brands that are either Australian or heavily targeted at Australia.

Apple appears twice in the top ten dominated by tech companies.

"There really was no surprise that tech brands are the top of the leading brands, but the surprise is in the extent to which they're being admired by the majority of consumers and not just geeks. Apple has five brands which does well, including the new iPad, and that says something," said David Evans, research director of BrandAsset Consulting.

"It's clear why consumers love tech. The mobile phone is now about communicating and your lifestyle. It is your personal life device, you radio, TV, computer, phone book, etc. Consumers love anything that makes their lives easier, and these companies are now making it easier and simply for them to connect with others."

Apple iPad

Evans singled out Google for praise and anticipated Apple could soon face  serious competition from the search giant on the smartphone front. "They add services ever year, and it's usually free. Things like Maps, Voice Control, Chrome, etc. Google's Android is becoming so popular it may even overtake Apple's iOS, and that is because of the power of their brand."

The Top Ten brands were:

1. Google (Search Engine)

2. Microsoft

3. Google (Portal)

4. Microsoft Office

5. Nokia

6. Sony

7. Apple

8. eBay

9. Apple iPhone

10. Vegemite