Apple will not only launch the iPhone 5 on Friday. On that day Apple will also, as expected, ask Judge Lucy Koh to triple the $1bn damages that Samsung was ordered to pay for copying the iPhone and iPad.

Samsung was found guilty of copying Apple’s design hardware and software elements of the iPad and iPhone during the California Apple versus Samsung trial.

Samsung may be faced with a bill of $3bn because the jury found that not only had the Korean company copied Apple, they had done so “wilfully”.

It is the biggest ever damage payment sought in a technology patent dispute, according to the Korean Times.

Top Samsung lawyer John Quinn has told the Korean Times that they will ask Koh to ignore the jury’s findings.

PatentlyApple is questioning the reliability of the Korean Times as a source.

Whatever the outcome, Samsung won't have to pay Apple $1bn until 2013: the hearing on post-trial motions is set for 6 December, and any verdict entered in favour of Apple and against Samsung will be stayed for 14 days, so “we’re talking about the early part of 2013.”

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