An ad for Newsday, which jokingly showed its iPad application being used as a traditional newspaper to swat a fly has been pulled at the request of Apple.

The iPad maker reportedly sent a cease and desist letter to Newsday, asking that the application ad be removed, objecting to the iPad being smashed. 

Paul McNamara at Network World noted: "This morning I open an email from someone purporting to work at Newsday and asking that his identity not be revealed. "Newsday got a cease and desist letter threatening all of our apps, if we did not remove the commercial immediately. They took exception to the fact that the (iPad) glass shattered into large jagged pieces ... Your instincts are correct."

McNamara added that while he cannot confirm the authenticity of the email or the gist of the story rings true. "And, if true, we have yet another classic example of lawyers needlessly sucking all the fun out of life."

IntoMobile's Stefan Constantinescu, pointed out: "Anyone with an ounce of common sense isn’t going to watch that commercial and think to themselves “hmmm, the $500 object in my hands can be used to destroy the lives of insignificant creatures and I shall test this theory the next time I see a fruit fly."

The Newsday Flypaper can still be seen on YouTube here and below.