Apple has been granted 32 new patents covering everything from the original iPad to a 3D remote, the iTunes user interface, and various camera technologies.

The company has received a patent for: "The ornamental design for a portable display device portable display device". The patent was filed in January 2010 and refers to the original iPad – perhaps this patent will aid Apple in their pursuit of Samsung in the Apple v Samsung cases taking place around the world. You can read the details here.

Apple has also received a patent for technology that could power a "3D remote" for a future Apple TV (or maybe even an Apple smart television). The patent filing describes a multi-dimensional remote control system that could detect an absolute location to which a remote control is pointing in first and second orthogonal axes (the x- and y-axes). The remote control system could also zoom into and out of an image or a portion thereof based on the absolute position of the remote control in the third axis, writes Patently Apple. The new remote patent is interesting in the light of an analysts comments recently that Apple's 'big television secret' is TV remotes.

Apple has been granted a patent for the iTunes user interface and distribution system, specifically the: "Graphical user interface for browsing, searching and presenting media items."

Next up is a patent for an "Electronic device with cover". Filed in August 2011 this patent refers to the iPhone.

Apple has also won several camera related patents. In one, Apple states that: "Image sharpness may be improved by focusing the optical image properly onto the image sensor that is part of the camera circuitry in the device" writes Apple Insider. Another camera patent is titled "Image capturing device having continuous image capture." And a third camera patent is titled "Image sensor with photosensitive thin film transistors and dark current compensation."

Apple has also been granted patents relating to NFC technologies and location services, specifically relating to "techniques for triggering a process within a portable electronic device that identifies itself for purposes of establishing communications with another device that is in proximity", explains Patently Apple.

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