Construction has begun on what is thought to be a new Apple campus in Austin, Texas.

The $304 million, 1 million square feet, campus is set to become the company’s main Americas Operations Centre. The new 3,600 new jobs will mostly be administrative, help-desk positions offering support for Apple’s business in North and South America.

A three-story office building is being built, according to Statesman. That website mentions that no signs are up indicating the eventual occupant will be Apple, but notes that Apple already occupies a campus across the road from the site.

The company already employees 3,100 employed at its current North Austin facility.

Apple is set to receive up to $36 million in incentives from the local council over the next 10 years as long as it meets the requirement of creating 3,600 jobs. Earlier this year Apple’s plan to build a new campus in Austin Texas, was in turmoil while Apple awaited approval from Travis County officials.

The company is already advertising job openings in Austin including one for "Brazil Subject Matter Expert – Finance," notes the Statesman. The jobs thought to relate to

Following news that parts inside the new iMac are "Assembled in the US" there was some speculation that the Austin campus could be responsible. According to reports, the custom-designed chips found on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV are built by Samsung at its chip fabrication plant in Austin.

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