Apple has begun its Back To School promotion in the UK.

When students buy a Mac that qualifies for Apple's education pricing between 16 June and 20 September they will get a £65 Gift Card to use on the Mac App Store, the App Store, the iTunes Store and the iBookstore.

You could get a discount of up to £122 on a MacBook, £193 off a MacBook Air, £199 off an iMac or a whopping £315 off a MacBook Pro under the offer if you are a registered student. Your parents or guardians are eligible to purchase goods from the Apple Education Store on your behalf.

If you buy a Mac now you will get a free upgrade to Mac OS X Lion when it is launched in July, and you will also qualify for free personal setup if you buy through an Apple Retail Store.

Apple offers educational materials in iTunes U, a special area of the iTunes Store, which features lectures and course materials from hundreds of universities worldwide. According to Apple there are more than 500,000 audio and video files available in iTunes U.

University and college students or students accepted to university or college; parents buying for university and college students or students accepted to college or university and faculty or staff members at any level all qualify for the offer.