Apple's brand has the biggest impact on consumers, but Microsoft and the US are in desperate need of a remake, a poll by online magazine reveals.

The website asked readers to identify those brands with the greatest impact on their lives and to describe how they affected their lives. 2,000 people responded to the poll, naming the Apple brand to be the most inspiring and the one brand they couldn't live without.

Microsoft was distinguished as the brand readers most wanted to argue with, and the brand most in need of a remake. Seen as a brand, the US was the second most in need of a remake.

"Apple has clearly captured the hearts and minds by leading across most categories. Others, such as the USA nation brand, which ranks highly as most in need of a rebrand, requires help according to our readers," said brandchannel editor Jim Thompson.

Apple was also described as the one brand which would have the biggest impact on history is it were sent back 100 years. "It's all about putting humans first when approaching technology. I can only imagine what Apple might have achieved if it existed 100 years ago," one voter wrote.