Apple has been expanding its 3D Flyover coverage in its Maps service, this week bringing the feature to areas of France, including Disneyland Paris.

French Apple blog reports that Apple's new Flyover coverage brings 3D buildings to Paris and surrounding areas, including Versailles, Aulnay-sous-Bois and L'Hay-les-Roses.

The latest updates come as part of Apple's recent efforts to quietly improve the service, which was widely criticised when it launched with iOS 6 in September.

In March, Apple added 3D buildings to its Maps app for 12 new cities, including Birmingham, Dublin, London and Manchester, which were all listed on Apple's iOS 6 feature availability page. Apple does not yet appear to have updated the feature availability page following the introduction of 3D buildings in Paris and its surrounding areas, and currently lists Lyon the only city in France that is compatible with the feature.


When it launched last year, Apple's Maps service was blasted for its inaccuracies, poor quality imagery, lack of transit directions and more, which led CEO Tim Cook to issue a public apology for the service little more than a week after it was launched. Cook said that Apple's Maps would improve with time as users reported problems, but advised users to turn to Microsoft's Bing, Google's web app, or other mapping services in the meantime.

Many iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users decided not to update to iOS 6 because of the criticism it was getting about Maps, so when Google released its Google Maps app in the iOS App Store, it sparked a 29 per cent rise in iOS 6 adoption and was downloaded more than 10 million times in just 48 hours

Since then, Cook has admitted that Apple "screwed up" with Maps, but has promised that the company is putting its weight behind correcting it. He also said that Apple is working non-stop to improve Maps until it lives up to the company's "incredibly high standards."

New job listings in February revealed that Apple was looking to hire at least ten new software engineers to join its iOS Maps team as it works to improve the service. In March, Apple was also searching for Maps Ground Truth managers across seven countries to help improve the accuracy of Maps.

Rumours have suggested that Apple could partner with location-based social recommendation app Foursquare to help improve iOS Maps, or possibly crowd-sourced navigation app Waze.

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