Apple CEO Steve Jobs was apparently spotted at the Regent Street Apple retail store on Sunday.

IFOAppleStore claims Apple's leader was seen there yesterday. The website claims the news means Apple could be planning to finalise its iPhone contract with a mobile network here. Alternatively it Jobs presence in the UK could be on account of meetings with the mobile phone networks here.

In the UK, O2 was most recently reported to be the front-running candidate for distributing the product in this country, with former front-runner Vodafone reportedly abandoning such plans because it was unhappy with the revenue sharing deal demanded by Apple.

T-Mobile and Orange have also been named as potential carriers in recent reports.

IFOAppleStore observes that the Regent Street Concierge service will be closed on 16 July. It speculates this could be a chance for Apple to announce further details regarding any deal with UK and European iPhone carriers.