Ferrari CEO Luca di Montezemolo was impressed by Apple CEO Tim Cook when he met him recently and it sounds like Cook was impressed by Montezemolo's car.

“I was impressed by his availability and openness,” Montezemolo said, according to a report at

“We’re building cars, they build computers. But Apple and Ferrari are connected by the same passion, the same love for the product, maniacal attention to technology, but also to design.”

Cook had a good look at the FF Montezemolo was driving, “admiring the shapes and the interior of the 4-seat 4x4 from the Prancing Horse, excited about the sound of the 12-cylinder engine,” according to the report.

At least this is a meeting that actually took place. Last week the web was awash with stories about how Tim Cook had been seen visiting the Valve offices, hinting that Valve may develop Apple gaming console. That rumour was quashed when Valve claimed: We never met with Apple, but wed love to!