Forbes has published a bullet pointed list of advice for Apple CEO Tim Cook to keep in mind when running Apple.

Suggestions include:

  • Grow Apple’s (AAPL) market share. But keep margins above 44%.
  • Put out 8 different versions of the iPhone simultaneously
  • Spend billions on marketing like Samsung
  • Get more people in the emerging markets on to the iOS platform. But don’t put out a cheaper iPhone and sacrifice margins
  • Shut down Siri because it never works
  • Use the $137 billion cash on the balance sheet. But don’t make wasteful high-priced acquisitions
  • Hire back Scott Forstall. But also retain Bob Mansfield and Jony Ive the way Steve Jobs was able to
  • Ship the Apple TV immediately. But make sure it’s a perfect experience for the consumer so that it’s not another Maps screw-up before shipping

Read more suggestions here.


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