Just the other day we were speculating about whether, following its patent win against Samsung, Apple would now go to “Thermonuclear war” with Google, as had been late CEO Steve Jobs' wish. It would appear that is not Apple CEO Tim Cook's style. Cook has met with Google CEO Larry Page to talk things over. 

According to reports, Cook and Page have been conducting behind-the-scenes talks about the patent disputes. Last week the two CEOs are said to have had a phone conversation. They were supposed to meet again today (Friday) but that meeting has been delayed for unknown reasons. The two are expected to talk again in the next few weeks, according to Reuters sources. 

It is unclear what Cook and Page are discussing. Reuters source speculates that the CEOs could be seeking a truce involving disputes over basic features and functions in Google's Android mobile software. 

While Steve Jobs told his biographer he would go to “thermonuclear war” with Google because he believed that Android was a “stolen product”, based on iOS, Apple hasn't actually sued Google. Apple has, however, been sued by Motorola Mobility, who happen to be owned by Google since that company bought the division, and its 17,000 patents, back in May. 

When Jobs was talking thermonuclear war, Google didn't have all these patents up its sleeve. 

Analyst Roger Kay thinks that following the Samsung win, Apple may now begin its pursuit of Google: "I think Apple's going to try to use this victory as a way to beat on Google further," he said.

However, following the ruling Google was quick to claim that there is no evidence that the Android operating system has infringed on Apple patents. 

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