Steve Wozniak (Woz) has been offering pearls of wisdom to students in America. His recommendation: students must find a purpose in their future careers in order to experience personal fulfillment.

Woz said a purpose could take various forms, involving different jobs and even different careers, during one's lifetime. But the bottom line is finding a goal and purpose and achieving it through whatever means necessary, even unconventional ones, reports The City Wire.

"Love what you're doing. It's so important in life," was Woz's advice.

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Regarding his own career, Woz recalled a conversation he had with his father, that led him to reflect: "The whole idea is you have to feel you have some good in you in life."

He also suggested that it was his Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' ability as a sales man that saw the two of them achieve the successes that they did. Woz gave the example of the Pong game that he designed, but which Jobs took to Atari. "Steve Jobs came back (from college in) Oregon and he saw it [Woz's Pong game] and he took my board down to Atari. Atari was the corporation of the founding arcade games, animated games where things moved and they made virtual rules of games. And he took it down, and I don't know if they knew who designed it or not, but they hired him on the spot."

Wozniak and Jobs went on to start up Apple together in April 1976. How clued up are you on Apple history? Try our Apple quiz.

When asked if he had regrets or would want to change anything about Apple, Woz said: "No".

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