Apple will continue to dominate the mobile app market for the forseeable future, according to analysis by IHS-owned iSuppli.

iSuppli's projected figures for the Apple App Store this year predict revenue of $2.91bn, up 63.4 percent from $1.78bn in 2010.

The App Store will account for 76 percent of the revenue generated by the mobile app market by the end of this year, the company said, falling to 60 percent by 2014.

iSuppli also said that combined revenues from the four major mobile application stores run by Apple, Google, Nokia and RIM would leap 77.7 percent to $3.8bn this year. Combined revenue for the four stores was $2.1bn in 2010 and $830.6m in 2009.

"With consumers continuing to show robust, unflagging interest in downloading games and other applications to devices like smart phones and tablets, collective revenues from the four stores will climb sharply this year," said Jack Kent, analyst, mobile media, for IHS.

Google's Android Market will see the fastest growth in 2011 - a staggering 295.4 percent - but will still only achieve revenues of $425.36m in 2011, according to iSuppli.

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In terms of overall downloads, it is expected that the App Store will hit a figure of around 10.3 billion, compared to around 5.8 billion for the Android Market.

Nokia and RIM are the big losers in iSuppli's projected figures, with download numbers from the Ovi Store and App World reaching only 1.1 billion and 772.2 million respectively.