Apple has been named Britain’s coolest brand in the 11th annual CoolBrands poll, knocking Aston Martin off of the top spot.

YouTube was voted into second place, while Twitter came fourth and Google (who is said to be enjoying the bad press surrounding Apple’s new Maps app) came fifth in the poll.

Also in the top ten are BBC iPlayer, which recently received an app update to allow content to be downloaded onto mobile devices for offline viewing, as well as Glastonbury festival, Virgin Atlantic, Liberty and Bang & Olufsen.

CoolBrands asked 3,000 British consumers and a panel of 39 ‘key influencers’, to vote for the brand they thought was coolest out of a shortlist of 1,200 brands. Each brand got points for innovation, originality, style, authenticity, desirability and uniqueness.

Interestingly, despite YouTube, Twitter, Skype, BBC iPlayer, and Google being high fliers in this year’s poll, Facebook didn’t place in the top 20 CoolBrands. See also: iPhone 5 review

“It is interesting that in this age of austerity our perception of cool has increasingly shifted from aspirational, luxury brands to free or more affordable brands that provide us with pleasure,” says chairman of the CoolBrands expert council Stephen Cheliotis. “The presence of the online brands like BBC iPlayer, Twitter, YouTube and Skype are a great case in point.”

“Whether watching our favourite shows online, sharing opinions, viewing comedy clips or speaking with friends from across the world, these brands bring us inexpensive entertainment and enjoyment that we appreciate and value highly,” Cheliotis concludes.

[Via Sky News]

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