Apple has reduced production of iPods and iPhones for February, according to a report from FBR Research analyst, Craig Berger.

In a note to clients released this week Berger claimed Apple to have revised its expectations of sales decline as against the December quarter and now expects 60 per cent decline in sales, from a previous expectation of 50 per cent decline.

"For both iPods and iPhones, we believe Apple was previously targeting a roughly 50 per cent quarter-over-quarter decline for first quarter units, whereas, we now think the firm is targeting a 60 per cent quarter-over-quarter unit decline," he wrote.

Apple sold 22,121,000 iPods in its December quarter. A reduction of 60 per cent overall in such sales would mean Apple targeting around 8,848,400 sales in the relevant quarter. This is in line with seasonal sales patterns for the product, and approximately equivalent to iPod sales made in the quarter ended March 2006. These figures are based on Berger's speculation.

Berger also claimed iPod touch orders to have been reduced, with MacBook production also down 50 per cent.

The research note makes no mention of the new model iPhones and iPod touch with additional capacity. It's possible reduced production in previous models was designed to open space for the production of these new models.

iMac production has been increased by 35 per cent sequentially, the analyst claimed.