Apple has found itself in yet another lawsuit – this time over some Bluetooth patents.

Apple, Dell, Sony and eight other companies were added as defendants to an ongoing case that could impact Bluetooth support in many devices.

A non-profit company called Washington Research Foundation launched its case against Matsushita Electric Industrial, Samsung and Nokia last December.

Logitech, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba and Plantronics have also been added as defendants in the case.

The non-profit firm is accusing all the companies of infringing four patents regarding Bluetooth technology that allows users to wirelessly swap data between mobile phones, computers and other devices.

Washington Research Foundation is demanding damages and an injunction to prevent the sale of Bluetooth devices by the companies accused of breaking its Bluetooth file transfer patents.

According to Bloomberg News, the foundation is mainly focused on one manufacturer, CSR. It claims CSR is using its Bluetooth technologies to manufacturer Bluetooth chips without permission – the foundation instead licenses these patents to Broadcom.

CSR denies the charges.