Apple is seeking a number of experts on amorphous metals, as the Mac maker plans to create hardware constructed from newly licensed, super-durable custom metal alloy known as 'Liquidmetal.'

That's according to Apple Insider, who this week discovered three new Apple job listings.

Those listings - Metal Process Development Engineer, Amorphous Metal Development Manager and Amorphous Metal Development Engineer, are all based in Santa Clara Valley, California.

The jobs call for: "Developing amorphous alloy composition, molding and forming processes, and secondary operations (e.g. machining, grinding, finishing) as applicable to Apple requirements," working working closely with Apple's Industrial Design, Product Design and Global Supply Managers.

The three jobs requires 3+, 7+ and 10+ years experience in a manufacturing environment of consumer electronics or consumer plastic / sheet metal products.

According to the Mac focused site, Apple is looking to fill the positions soon after the company obtained exclusive rights to the new metal alloy in August, which is reportedly harder than titanium or aluminium.

Apple paid at least $10.9 million in licensing fees Liquidmetal Technologies to use Liquidmetal exclusively in the field of electronics.

The video (below and here) highlights the potential of the Liquidmetal technology.