Apple may be interested in more than just our living rooms; the company may want to completely control our homes. Reports claim Apple is one of three companies considering buying a company that specialises in automation.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple, Microsoft and Google are interested in buying startup id8 Group R2 Studios Inc.

Last year R2 Studios released an app that turns Android phones into touch panels for controlling heating and lighting systems wirelessly.

R2 Studios also holds some patents related to controlling electronic devices and interfaces.

"The status of the discussion and terms under consideration remain unclear," notes the Wall Street Journal report.

The startup was founded by Blake Kirkorian, the man behind Slingbox.

For a time Apple was selling the Nest Thermostat in its high-street stores. The Nest Thermostat was developed by Tony Fadell, credited by many as the father of the iPod.

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