Apple's retail roll-out continues, with the company firming up new deals to extend its reach.

The company's latest move should see Apple Inc. broaden its reach across one of the world's leading developing markets, India.

Apple has inked a marketing and distribution deal with Indian retailer, Reliance Retail. Under this deal the Indian firm will open ten 'iStores' by the end of 2008.

The ten new stores - likely to be placed strategically around India's largest cities - will sell the entire range of Apple products, including iPods and Macs.

The distribution expansion will also see Reliance emerge as one of the approved retailers for the distribution of the iPhone when it ships in India, local reports explain.

The first store will be opened in Bangalore by the end of October. The shop will occupy 2,000-square feet and is under construction now. Apple will invest in market development and the shops will be co-branded.

Apple has been working to extend its retail distribution system across the Middle East and India in recent months. It was also recently revealed that Apple intends opening new corporate offices in Moscow, Russia.