Apple's iWatch has got one step closer to reality, with the news that Apple has applied for the iWatch trademark in two more countries.

Apple has filed for the "iWatch" trademark in two more countries, Mexico and Taiwan, in a move that may signal that the company is preparing to launch a smart watch.

The maker of iconic products like the iPhone and iPad filed for the trademarks in Mexico and Taiwan on June 3, the same day the company also filed for the rights to the iWatch name in Japan.

In Mexico, one of the trademark filings was made for product categories such as "computers", "peripheral devices", and "personal digital assistants." The other filing sought the iWatch trademark for clock-related products.

Apple iWatch

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When will Apple iWatch launch?

Successfully registering for a trademark in the country takes no longer than six months, according to the local trademark authority, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property.

In Taiwan, Apple's trademark filing also covered similar product categories dealing with computers and watches. The process to receive the trademark rights will take several months.

Apple could not immediately be reached for comment. But the company has also reportedly filed for an iWatch trademark in Russia, according to a local newspaper.

The company has filed for the trademarks as wearable gadgets are expected to become the next big trend in the tech industry. Sony last week announced the latest version of its own smart watch that runs Android and has integrated support for NFC.

Apple rival Samsung has also said it is working on a smart watch device. In addition, Taiwanese manufacturing giant Foxconn Technology Group has unveiled new wristband technology that can be used in smart watches.

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