Apple has been fined ¥600,000 (about £4,685) after an iPod nano caught fire, burning the hands of a Japanese lady. The fine was imposed by a Japanese judge in the Tokyo District Court and was intended to cover medical treatment for the burns,the cost of bringing the issue to trial, and to act as compensation for the pain suffered. 

The judge also found Apple guilty of a technical flaw in a first-generation iPod nano, noting that Apple had admitted that the device was faulty when it recalled first-generation iPods last year. (More below) 

Apple initiated an iPod nano (1st generation) Replacement Program for customers who bought one of the units, which "could overheat and pose a safety risk," according to Apple. Only the first-generation iPod nano is affected.

The iPod nano in this particular case was purchased in 2005, an attempt to charge it in July 2010 caused the battery to overheat, catch fire and burn the hands of the lady. 

Reports suggest a million people took Apple up on last year's product recall. 

There have been concerns that the New iPad (third generation) runs too hot. Consumer Reports ran tests and found that the new iPad operates hotter than the iPad 2. Engineers at Consumer Reports recorded temperatures as high as 116 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius) on the front and back of the new iPad when plugged in and while playing Infinity Blade II. Apple denied any overheating concerns on the new iPad, saying that the product operates well within its thermal specifications.