Apple has released a new advert to show off its iPhone as the most-used phone for listening to music.

The minute-long advert, which was uploaded onto Apple's official YouTube on Thursday, differs from ads we've traditionally seen from the company, following the style April's "Photos Every Day" iPhone ad instead. The new ad's title, "Music Every Day," suggests that Apple may be planning a series of this style of ad.

"Music Every Day" ditches the stark white backgrounds and voice over that we've seen in many of Apple's adverts in the past, in favour of a collection of clips showing iPhones being used to listen to and share music in different situations. These situations include studying, working out, commuting, practicing dance moves and more.

In fact, the iPhone is hardly actually seen in the advert, as Apple appears to have chosen to focus on the user rather than the actual product in this new ad, and I really enjoyed it. Rather than showing off the iPhone's features, the advert shows potential customers the lifestyle that other iPhone owners are living.

The only words spoken during the ad come at the very end, when Apple says: "Every day, more people enjoy music on the iPhone, than any other phone."

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