Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says that a passion for learning is more important than the quest for a degree.

Speaking at a forum in South Jakata, Woz described how he taught himself from reading about the things he was passionate about. He said: “During my early university years, I bought all the computer books I could, read them ahead of the class and taught myself really quickly. When you love to learn something, you don’t have to go along with the school schedule and nothing will stop you from learning.”

According to Wozniak, curiosity is the key to succeeding in higher education. “It is more important to educate youngsters to want to learn rather than give them content and knowledge,” he said.

Like late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Wozniak dropped out of university when he and Jobs co-founded Apple. It was after he survived a plane crash, and feeling confident that the team at Apple was creative enough, that Woz decided to return to college. “I figured that would be the last chance for me to get a degree,” he said, according to the Jakarta Globe.  


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