Reports claim that a UPS employee has revealed that Apple is gearing up for a “big announcement”.

An administrative assistant at UPS who has access to documentation relating to shipments to Apple’s HQ in Cupertino claimed: “Something big is about to happen.”

While most wouldn’t be surprised if Apple was to launch a new MacBook Pro in the next few weeks, the source seemed convinced that it wasn’t that: “I’m positive it’s not MacBooks or iPads,” she told iPhone 5 News Blog.

“Nothing has been flown out, but they are definitely getting everything in order for customs and the FCC, I can tell you that,” she said.

The source claimed that she had come into contact with documentation relating to “unidentified units” that were being shipped to Cupertino: “14 of them to be exact, as I’ve said before I’m not at liberty to go into detail but if they’re going to headquarters I can only believe that they might be testers.”

There is speculation that these units could be iPhone 5 or Apple Television prototypes.