Apple has seen 300 million visitors to its 375 worldwide retail stores since October 2011, the beginning of its fiscal year 2012. The company also gets 50,000 Genius Bar visits every day, according to reports.

The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple writes that, during a meeting with Apple, the company revealed the huge visitor figures. “To give you some type of comparison,” he writes, “by July 2011, the population of the United States was estimated to be 311 million people.”

Dalrymple reveals the impressive statistics as Apple takes the title of the world’s most valuable public company in history from Microsoft, which held the record since December 1999.

It has been reported that Apple is aiming to expand into Russia, and will look into opening retail stores there.

Apple is also in the process of building a new type of Apple retail store in San Francisco that has incredible bandwidth capabilities, leading to speculation that it will be used to demonstrate large amounts of Apple television sets.