Apple now has $146.6 billion in cash and short-term securities. That’s £95.358 billion. In a parallel universe where the money wasn’t tied up off shore, so that Apple could actually spend it (without sacrificing a load to taxes), what could Apple buy with that money? 

We thought we’d offer up a shopping list: 

1. In the UK the government is set to spend £87.3 billion on education in 2013. Apple could lend a hand and help us create a few new Jony Ives, and have money to spare.

2. The UK defense budget is £42.1 billion. Apple could pay for that and still have $45.2 billion left over.

3. The UK health budget this year is £124.4 billion, so Apple’s not got quite enough to pay for that. 

4. Apple could help the UK out by paying the interest on the national debt, last year this cost us about £43 billion. 

Of course Apple might prefer to help itself with its hard earned cash... 

5. Just to prove the naysayers wrong about how the smartphone market has reached saturation, Apple could buy a few iPhones, 180 million to be precise. That would show everyone. 

6. Acquisitions is another area where Apple could spend the money. In the parallel universe mentioned earlier, Apple could acquire Facebook, Groupon, LinkedIn, Netflix, Blackberry, Yahoo, Yelp - and have money left to spare. 

7. Apple could buy 586,400 seats on the Virgin Atlantic spacecraft, at $250,000 each. This would be handy if the world comes to an end -I believe that Apple’s biggest fans will get seats. 

8. Apple could give every person in the world $20.94 (that’s £13.62). I expect we’d quickly spend it on the App Store.  

We got the data on the UK spending here.


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