One reason why Apple CEO Tim Cook agreed to join Apple was Apple’s “unique breed” of customers that express loyalty to the company.

Apple customers have a loyalty to the company that no other tech company enjoys, noted Cook during his chat with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg at D10. It was this loyalty that helped Cook decide to join the company. 

“What I saw was, Apple was the only technology company I knew of where if a customer got angry with the company, they would yell and yell loudly but they would continue to buy,” Cook said.

“And Compaq, if people got angry at Compaq, they would just buy from Dell. And Dell, if they got angry at Dell, they would just buy from IBM. But an Apple customer was a unique breed. And there was this emotion that you just don’t see in technology in general,” he added.

“You could see it and feel it from Apple customers. And when I looked at the balance sheet of the company, I thought I could add something and participate in turning around a great American company.”