Apple has added new sections to its website highlighting the benefits of using the iOS devices in business.

The sections, iPhone in Business and iPad in Business, illustrate how users can use their device to help with work, by using features such as Siri, Notifications, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Reminders and more.

On the ‘Integration’ page, Apple describes how users can integrate their iOS devices with services such as Microsoft Exchange in order to help with their business needs.

Security features are highlighted, and Apple provides some examples of different types of apps to help with work on the go.

Several profiles showing examples of how the iPhone and iPad are being used in businesses can be found in Apple’s new business section, and downloadable guides to help integrate the iPhone and iPad into businesses are available from the ‘Resources’ page.

The new sections currently don’t have a prominent position on the Apple site, and can only be accessed through the bottom footer.