'There's something in the air'. Or so say the first teaser banners displayed at Moscone South. Yes, folks, it’s that time of the year again. We have some pictures showing off the banners and they have a pretty short message for us to speculate on:

Cryptic, as usual. At the eve of the last Macworld Expo, Apple had posted a teaser message on their website homepage claiming that “the first thirty years were just the beginning”. Admittedly, these banners do not inspire that sense of giddiness and excitement that the black colored half Apple logo graphic did last year, but they do give us some food for thought.

What could Apple possibly be talking about here? Is it the predictable introduction of movie rentals or some new device or feature in an existing product that works over Wi-Fi or something entirely new and completely out of the blue? As we know our readers just love to speculate (yeah, all knowing and all powerful, that’s us), we thought we’d throw this out to you guys. Go wild. There’s something in the air, indeed

Steve Jobs will unveil any new products during his Keynote speech, which takes place at 6pm (GMT) next tuesday. Macworld will be reporting live from the event and will have in-depth coverage and hands-on tests with any new products that are available on Tuesday night, plus further analysis and coverage of the Macworld Expo through the whole of next week.