iLife '11, Apple's suite of software applications, could arrive both 64-bit and iOS compatible, according to an Amazon listing.

Apple Insider notes Amazon's German site has a listing for a book entitled "iLife 11: Digital pictures, movies, music and more," set for release shortly before Christmas.

A translation of the cover line reveals: "iPhoto, iMovie and more, with Apps for Mac, iPhone 4, iPod and iPad."

The Mac focused website adds iPhoto will become integrated with social networks, while iWeb will be "completely rewritten," and iDVD will be dropped completely.

Apple iLife

iLife currently includes iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb and iDVD and ships with all new Macs, as well as being available to buy separately for £71 and £87 for a Family Pack.

In September, another Mac focused site TUAW found a Amazon listing for iLife '11 Family Pack, which a Macworld (US) reader had also spotted earlier. The family pack was listed at $99, in line with current Apple pricing, and had a shipping time listed as "2 to 4 weeks." TUAW noted a reader successfully pre-ordered the software.

French Mac enthusiast site had previously mentioned 64-bit compatibility and a "nouvelle application (mystère !)," suggesting the update would be released in August.