Apple has increased iAd payouts to developers from 60 per cent to 70 per cent.

The increase, which was announced in a brief statement on Apple's official Developer Centre over the weekend, means that developers will now earn an extra ten per cent share from using Apple's mobile advertising network in their apps.

According to Apple Insider, Apple's statement reads: "We have made the following changes to the Developers Advertising Services Agreement for the iAd Network, effective immediately. The revenue share for the iAd Network is now 70 per cent to the Developer."

A payout increase was predicted back in February, when Apple slashed the minimum amount it charges to advertisers to run campaigns on iAd. Reports claimed that Apple was desperate to address its falling share of the mobile advertising market, and expected Apple to increase the amount it pays to Developers whose apps run the advertising.

The iAd platform has been struggling since its launch in 2010, with Developers calling the solution expensive and ineffective.