A newly published Apple patent application hints that Apple is interested in creating an iOS device with a flexible display that can provide tactile feedback and act as a speaker. 

The patent application, which was published on Thursday, is entitled “Electronic Devices With Flexible Displays,” and was filed by Apple in March 2012. It covers electronic devices such as iPads or iPhones that “contain flexible displays and internal components,” reads the patent’s abstract.

“An internal component may be positioned under the flexible display. The internal component may be an output device such as a speaker that transmits sound through the flexible display or an actuator that deforms the display in a way that is sensed by a user,” the abstract continues. For example, the display could use actuators that rise up when the user accesses the keyboard, allowing the user to physically feel the keys as they type.

“Electronic devices may be provided with concave displays or convex displays formed from one or more flexible layers including a flexible display layer,” the abstract explains. “Portions of the flexible display may be used as speaker membranes for display based speaker structures.”

This is not the first we’ve heard about the possibility of a flexible display in future iOS devices. In May, reports suggested that ‘huge’ orders of Samsung’s flexible OLED display hinted at an iPhone with a flexible display, dubbed ‘iPhone Yoga’.

The bendy iPhone could also use a flexible battery, according to reports that emerged in April. See: “Environmentally-friendly battery for iPhone 6?”

The iPhone 6 could be unveiled in Spring 2013, following reports that suggest that Apple will be unable to wait a year to launch the next iPhone, because of increased competition.

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