Apple tonight introduced the first batch of additional applications for the iPhone, demonstrating a series of games as proofs of concept for its iPhone SDK.

One game was written by Apple in two weeks and features a spaceship. Gamers touch the screen to fire, and move iPhone around in order to steer - making use of the built in motion sensors of the device.

Engineers from Electronic Arts took the stage to discuss work that company conducted in two weeks on a game called Spore that EA is developing. Once again, the game uses the device's built-in motion sensors as part of the game's controls. It's like a Wii you carry around, or so it seems.

Apple also demonstrated a non-gaming application, TouchFX, which lets users distort images by touch. Once distorted you can return the image to its native state by simply shaking the device.

A Salesforce representative took the stage to demonstrate a version of that company's sales software running as a native application on the iPhone.

Sega has also been working on iPhone games, and showed off an iPhone version of Super Monkey Ball. "If anything, we underestimated what the hardware was able to do," Sega said, stressing that the iPhone is running a full console game that required image resolution to be upscaled to match the graphic capabilities of the iPhone.